Summer Baseball Camp Mission

Committed to developing versatile and 'athletic' baseball players, the High Point-Thomasville HiToms are pleased to offer a unique, summer baseball experience. Providing fundamental instruction and development in the areas of throwing and receiving skills, position fundamentals, hitting techniques and baserunning the three day sessions are an ideal opportunity for emerging athletes to receive quality instruction and necessary physical skill development. Conducted by HPT HiToms Head Coach Brian Rounree, his staff and HPT players, the summer, instructional camps target young athletes from the ages of 8-13.

Assisted by the HiToms staff, attendees will focus primarily on the development of skill sets that lay the foundation for throwing and receiving skills and hitting fundamentals. Benefiting significantly from a staff that boasts over 20 years of college/high school level training experience, all attendees will gain a sense of self-confidence and passion to excel.

Conducted in a 8-1 student to teacher ratio at tFinch Field, the three-hour-long session, three days a week cater to both the baseball 'rookie' and the 'seasoned veteran'. Encouraging participants to embrace the 'game' and all of its finer skill sets, the instructional camp is the perfect compliment to a ballplayer's need for instruction and passion for competition.

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